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A Bold New Vision for Langley

As a Township, we need dedicated and honest Councillors who are passionate about making Langley the most livable community it can be. This will take hard work, cooperation, and vision. 

Our community has been growing quickly, without much regard for what that growth means for existing residents or those who will be moving in. We need to do a better job of creating a complete community, with all the amenities, services, and shops that make a city, or in this case a Township, a great place to live.

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Getting around Langley is a challenge, whether you're walking, biking, taking the bus, or driving. We've designed all of our streets as mini-highways, with little regard for safety or what kind of neighbourhoods our roads help to create. It's time we re-evaluate our transportation network to make it focused on improving quality of life, not just the number of cars moved per hour.  

What happens to the Township's local environment is not confined to the municipality's borders, and action must be taken to ensure that we are not making the conditions that cause flooding, heat domes, and the general climate crisis worse. People need homes and also need a livable environment, so it's time we actually fund and implement our already approved Climate Action Strategy. 


It's time we put personal politics aside, made the Council a less toxic place to work, and focused on what matters: delivering the core services that people pay property taxes to fund. A well-functioning Council can get so much done, but we need to get the basics right first.

A New Vision for Public Safety

Our first responders need investment and an attentive Council in order to keep our community safe. With new high-rises coming to the Township, our Fire Department needs the staffing and training required to be able to deal with anything. As our community has grown, our Law Enforcement officials have worked to keep us safe, but we need to remain vigilant. Being proactive with investment and asking the tough questions need to be priorities for the next Mayor and Council.


In order to pay for the services and amenities that a growing community needs, we need to grow and continue to diversify our economy. While a municipal Council can only do so much to promote this, we need to be more proactive while also making it easier to do business, not harder. 

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