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A New Vision for Public Safety

One of the most basic jobs of any municipal government is to make sure the public is safe. This means that we have given our public safety professionals the tools they need to do their jobs. Because of inaction by past Councils, we are having to play catch-up when it comes to funding our Fire Department and the local RCMP. 

We are a growing community with rapidly changing public safety needs. This means that it's time we stopped with petty political games and de-politicize the conversations around public safety. That's what's in the best interests of our community, and that's what I will be working to achieve on Council.

Making our Community Safer:

Funding our First Responders

  • Work with Staff and Council to fund the Township of Langley's Fire Department so that there are enough full-time firefighters to meet both NFPA 1710 standards and the standards set out in the Department's own 'Master Plan'.

    • Without enough full-time firefighters in each Fire Hall, the response times for trucks racing to a call can vary widely, putting residents directly at risk. ​

    • If there are not sufficient numbers of full-time firefighters, there is the risk that there are not enough of them on each truck to legally allow them to enter a burning building, for example. This puts our First Responders in an incredibly precarious situation and makes our community less safe. 

  • Mental Health Liaison Officers are specially trained to work with community partners and agencies to provide long-term solutions for individuals whose mental health needs directly impact their contact with police.

    • Right now, the Langley RCMP only have two of these specialized officers, and with the growing mental health crisis that comes with a growing and changing community, we need to make sure we are properly funding our RCMP so they have the tools they need.

  • The 9-1-1 Dispatchers that are such a critical piece of our public safety are currently understaffed, overworked, and are not given adequate mental health support. 

    • Without enough staff, our dispatchers are not always able to provide all the information needed for our First Responders as they head out on a call. This puts them in harm's way unnecessarily, while putting residents in danger as well. We need to make sure there are enough dispatchers for a growing community, and we need to make sure that they have the mental health support they need to deal with one of the most stressful jobs out there. ​

Working on Issues That Matter:

Addressing the Mental Health Crisis

  • For too long, petty differences between the City of Langley and the Township of Langley have prevented us from working together to make real progress in addressing the growing mental health and overdose crisis in our community. 

    • We cannot solve these crises as municipal governments acting alone. We need to work together to demand greater resources from the Provincial and Federal government so that we can build more housing that is truly affordable and with the wrap-around supports necessary for those who are ready. ​

    • We need to make sure that there are consequences for crime, but while working to make sure the impetus to commit crimes is reduced. This means creating a multi-layered strategy in partnership with all three levels of government to build housing for everyone we can, to eliminate the black market of illicit drugs, and step up our investments in community outreach. 

  • It is next to impossible for those who live without a fixed address to be able to find employment or access many of the services they need. While we work to build enough supportive and transitional housing, the Township should work with community partners and the private sector to create a program whereby individuals can find meaningful work or programs while they are still looking for a home. 

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